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I had the pleasure of working with Rosemary DiMonte and Red Rooster Consulting on an Executive Coaching assignment. I was very impressed with the strategic content and focus of the process, and remain pleased with the outcome both personally and professionally. I found Rosemary to have a keen sense and ability to uncover development opportunities that were in the best interest of myself and the organization. I have moved on to a larger responsibility since working with Red Rooster, and Rosemary certainly played a critical role in making that happen!

Timm Fields

General Manager

Commercial Division, ITW Construction North America

Rosemary has been instrumental in helping both myself and our executive team grow as leaders. This personal development is critical to ensure the overall growth of our business. As an owner and executive it is often difficult to get objective and unbiased coaching. Rosemary has helped me understand what subtle changes I can make in my behaviors that will translate into the greatest impact on our business. Equally important, she delivers her coaching in a very honest and succinct manner. All leaders must continue to expand their wingspan, there is perhaps no other worthwhile investment.

John Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

SPATZ Laboratories