I have worked with Red Rooster Consulting for over 8 years in several capacities. They have served as business partners in strategic planning, assisting in the creation of long range plans, in leadership development utilizing current tools and techniques for maximum results, mission and vision development and executive coaching. Red Rooster Consulting and Rosemary DiMonte have made significant improvements in all of my businesses in the area of talent management and development and strategic planning and I give them my highest recommendation.

Mary Beth Siddons

Group President

ITW Food Equipment Grp.

Rosemary and Red Rooster Consulting are incredible! They have been an invaluable partner to Advanced Resources for more than 10 years. Not only has Red Rooster been instrumental in developing our strategic plan but they have done wonders with our Leadership team. Rosemary has personally helped me as the Leader of the company and gracefully kept us focused on our Vision and Mission. The poise, professionalism, and diligence of Red Rooster is unmatched by other firms. Rosemary remains one step ahead of us and has gone to great lengths to understand our organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Over the past decade she has performed executive coaching, administered 360 feedback, interpreted results, and created development plans that were tied to both short and long-term goals. Rosemary was also instrumental in developing and improving our Performance Management program. Not to mention, Rosemary developed and led more than one search committee for Advanced Resources when we needed to strengthen our Senior Leadership team. Through our combined efforts we have experienced phenomenal and consistent year over year growth (20-60+%) for several years in a row. As the leader of the company I attribute much of our success to Rosemary and her firm!

Rich Diaz


Advanced Resources

Organization Effectiveness

Red Rooster Consulting has broad but deep experience and success in all aspects of organization development to include: Organization Design, Performance Management, Cultural Change Initiatives, Competency Model Development, Management Development and Training, Internal Communication and more.