About Red Rooster
Consulting, Inc.

Founded in 1999, based in the Greater Chicago Area, Red Rooster Consulting, Inc. has proven experience helping businesses strengthen their strategic foundation and develop their talented leaders and teams to achieve their goals. The work we do and the experiences we create are founded in Our Purpose and Our Mission:
Our Purpose

To be an essential partner, inspiring our clients’ strategic journeys to the realization of their Visions, the living of their Missions every day, the achievement of their commitments – and through this work – to make the world better for people and the planet.

Our MIssion

Every day, we help companies define and execute strategic direction and strengthen leadership by delivering superior work, providing straightforward and efficient guidance, and inspiring them to be courageous and accountable.

Curious about why we choose a rooster to bring our brand to life?
We’ve got three key reasons…

The rooster


A rooster has a clearly defined role and embraces it with confidence. A flock depends on its rooster to keep watch and protect them. They put their trust in this watchful protection and leadership. Roosters are often associated with these traits and known for courage and protection.

The rooster is a symbol that inspires us to be brave and to work with an unwavering sense of purpose. It represents our commitment to truly understanding our clients’ organizations and teams so the work we do together is focused on protecting their interests and positioning the entire “flock” to thrive.

The rooster


At the dawn of each new day, the rooster’s crow delivers a clear message as reassurance of sentinel presence and support. Leading by example, the rooster rallies the flock to rise and begin the work of the day.

The rooster is a symbol of our respect for the vital role leaders play in the successful operation of an organization. It represents the dedicated leaders who believe in their people and the power of possibility. It’s these leaders that give our work purpose. They are leading the way to a brighter future.

The rooster

in our roots

Our founding principal Rosemary DiMonte spent her childhood on a farm. Her grandfather raised roosters. Morning was greeted by the crow of the roosters as they announced the breaking day and the call to rise and get things accomplished.

The roosters greeted every new day with enthusiasm, they were industrious and dedicated, they looked out for each other and the greater good, and they thrived.

That metaphor of the rooster has shaped our story, our values, and our work. It keeps us grounded in what works so we can help our clients achieve what matters most.

Our clients

Our clients are privately held and publicly traded companies that represent an array of industries in North America, the UK, EU, Mexico, and Latin America. They are diverse but they share two common aspirations:
  1. They want to achieve remarkable results.
  2. They want exceptional leaders to make that happen.
Every day we get to work with passionate leaders and teams committed to being the best in everything they do. That inspires us.

have hired Red Rooster Consulting, Inc. for multiple engagements. Many have kept us in partnership for decades.


  • Revenues range from USD $25M to $2B
  • Typically contracted with C-Level executives and top decision makers.
  • We serve a wide variety of industries, including:
    • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Consumer Products
    • Environmental Services
    • Transportation (Rail and Trucking)
    • Construction (Structures, Buildings and Ships) Family Office
    • Content (Advertising, Publishing and Entertainment)

A great approach and a process that is easy to understand, not overcomplicated or overwhelming.

Meet the founder

Principal & Founder of Red Rooster Consulting, Inc., Rosemary M. DiMonte is an Organization Development expert with 30 years of experience across all industries in private and public companies. With career experience as a leader within organizations and as a consultant to organizations, she is a reality-based business and management advisor. The spectrum of her expertise is broad and ranges from high-level business strategy work to people-related programmatic development and implementation. Spanning her skill set and abilities is a rich knowledge and experience base in all aspects of Organization Effectiveness with specialized expertise in strategic planning, facilitation, leadership development, executive coaching, change management, internal communications, and training. In addition, Rosemary has extensive experience in service management and total quality management which has shaped the way in which Red Rooster Consulting interacts with its own clients and results in the principles of service and quality being incorporated in some way into each client solution.

Rosemary’s primary areas of focus are Strategic Planning and Leadership Development. She leads strategic planning engagements with companies across all industries, ranging in size from $25 million to $2 billion in revenue. Additionally, she is called upon on a regular basis to assess and coach leaders at the most senior levels, helping them to successfully lead their enterprises.

She is the creator of the Manager/Leader ContinuumTM, a proprietary assessment tool uniquely designed to assess and develop the dimensions of business, people and leadership skills for high-level business owners and managers. In addition to consulting, Rosemary speaks to professional associations, has been a guest speaker at the graduate school level, and served on the I/O Advisory Board of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. A particular area in which she is considered an expert speaker and advisor is Mastering Life Balance. She is certified in a variety of assessment tools; including the suite of tools from the Center for Creative Leadership, Hogan360, DiSC, and others.
Her clients promote Rosemary as a disciplined, experienced professional with high emotional intelligence and a passion for helping people and organizations excel. Many of them consider her a professional advisor on whom they continue to rely for strategic support even as they change roles and join new companies. She considers this a great compliment.