Strategic Planning

Red Rooster Consulting, Inc. has a unique approach to strategic planning that ensures the promise you make to your market, customers, shareholders, and employees translates into clear expectations and results.

Phase 1
Strengthening Strategic Leadership

To understand and strengthen the Leadership Team dynamics prior to undergoing strategic planning.

Phase 2
Understanding the Landscape

To research and prepare a view of the company’s landscape – both internally and externally – for analysis prior to strategic planning.

Phase 3
Planning the future

To create a 3-year strategic plan that is fully executable, and which drives desired business results.

Phase 4
Activating Strategy in Day-to-Day Operations

To execute and cascade the strategic plan and monitor and adjust as the business requires.

Our four-step process to creating a strategic plan includes the creation of a vision, mission, goals, strategies, execution plans, metrics, and individual accountability. The dynamic of these critical components leads to the accomplishment of line of sight — alignment of vision and action starting at the leadership level and ending with those who are customer facing. We rely on our clients to be the business experts, as we facilitate and guide leadership on a focused journey to achieve their desired results.