Why Red Rooster Consulting?

We believe our objective perspective is one of the most valuable things we bring to our clients.

We have the privilege of working with brilliant leaders whose experience and expertise make them uniquely qualified for their current role. And we understand the pace and complexity they are balancing day to day. Many of our clients have realized that tackling strategic planning internally is challenging. It can feel like the effort is reduced to a list of tasks assigned to a group of project managers. The benefits can get lost in the process.
Our approach is intentionally designed to simplify the process and truly focus on ensuring the critical inputs, the voices, the challenges, and the vision are what is driving their priorities, decisions, and commitments.
We bring dedicated disciplined guidance to the process and lead clients on a journey that is uniquely theirs. We make it possible for them to establish an authentic strategic foundation with real functional value. Our aim is to leave every client with more than a strategic plan. We want them to have a strategically aligned workforce with clear line of sight to how every individual’s work has purpose and contributes to the broader vision.
We focus on making the engagement a rewarding experience but most importantly, we commit to empowering every client with stronger leaders and a strategic roadmap focused on their progress today and well into the future.
Helping companies engage, inspire, and lead their people and the organization to a bright new tomorrow.